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What causes a spanking fetish

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Freeing from a spanking fetish for healthy relationships

May 08, 2013 Did childhood spankings cause a fetish? I don't recall getting very many childhood spankings so my spanking fetish must have come from someplace else! lol. 14: 36 Post number 24 poolboy. My mom I guess gave me a few spankings when I was young. When I was an older teen one time time mom told me your are to old to act this way, do

What causes a spanking fetish? Yahoo Answers

Whatever it is that we enjoy about spanking, its a common fetish, making it number five on the list. 4 Voyeurism and Exhibitionism According to researchers at the Carolina Institute, one out of three individuals enjoys watching sex or exposing themselves in public.

ELI5: What causes a spanking fetish? : explainlikeimfive

Sep 17, 2014  I have a spanking fetish. In my case, that means I like to be spanked, usually with a hand, belt, hairbrush, wooden spoon, switch, or paddle. Spanking is a

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